Friday, December 14, 2007

annie the musical comes to syracuse.

Wednesday night the roommates and i went to see Annie as a part of our famous artists broadway series. we smartened up this time and brought our binoculars (more on this later) because our seats are up pretty high... our seats are right on the end of the 3rd row which is nice because we are on the edge... but it also sucks, cause we are right on the edge, and everyone has to walk by us to get in and out. catch 22.

another thing that is unpleasing to me about our seats is they seem very narrow and close together. the three of us pour ourselves into the seats and then hold our breath till halftime.. i think it would be in our best interest to fast from now until the next show (chicago, jan 16th).

okay, after we squeeze into the seats and i pull out my binoculars.. i got the small camera binoculars that MB has, i was stoked because they were binoculars... with a camera inside.. i was beyond excited cause i would have phat photos for all of you to see by the end of the night!! however as i'm wrangling around with them MB informs me there are no batteries in them. wtf... what good are batteryless camera spygoggles? i was furious... so you will all suffer. no photos. ugh.

i probably hadn't seen or thought about Annie since i was a child and i found out i had almost completely forgotten the storyline. for at least 3/4 of the show "annie" had a red straight haired bowl cut. i was very disappointed that she didn't have curly hair.. but alas, at the end she "gets ready for a party" and bam! the curly red wig came out!

the dog that played sandy was great too. so well trained. i wish there was more sandy time though.

if the show was in town longer than 3 days i would recommend it to people, but since it's gone and moved on to another city tht would be pointless. if it comes to your city though, check it out.

there is a big nor'easter rumored to be coming to town this weekend, i was at work late tonight preparing the page.. should have real info by the end of the night.

i made an appointment with a new accupuncturist, this time he is covered by my insurance. its over an hour away though, so i will need to figure something out if my treatment is going to take multiple visits.. his office hours are 9-4 on wednesdays. i have high hopes though.