Thursday, December 06, 2007

catch up

there are many things lately that i have been "saving" in my head for the blog.. i'm going to attempt to purge my mind right now..

1. winter... a love affair!
i must not have ever had a pair of true snow tires. i know i've had all weather, or hybrids, but these snow tires i have make me feel like a tank out there on the roads. such a contrast from last year when i would slip and slide all through the parking lot and once i even went off the road and *almost* got stuck. it was treacherous.. even driving in the rain was horribly scary for me. but not now.. i am king of the road, especially now that winter is here to stay. also adding to my winter delight is my driver side windshield wiper and my rear window defroster. i tasked MB with buying me a new wiper and he came through big time. the wiper is one solid piece of what seems like rubber, it is sort of floppy and curls towards the windshield when i pull the wiper arm away, but when it's pressed up against my windshield it flattens out and drags most everything in its way.. pure love!! i think i am going to buy another set to replace my crappy passenger side wiper. my rear window defroster is a slice of pure heaven!! i went for at least 5 years in my old tan accord with a broken rear defroster. it was highly inconvenient, but i could get away with it since there were usually a handful of snowfalls in MA... last winter was the first time i was in a vehicle where i was able to use the hell out of the rear defrost, and boy did i! this year is no different. this morning i didn't even bother brushing it off and by the time i got down to the corner by the F'ville center my windshield was transparent again! life is good in the CNY.

2. spotty email
for some inexplicable reason i haven't been getting my emails either at all, or in a timely manner. so if you have written me and were expecting a response and haven't heard from me, try resending your message

3. mrs claus's night out CNY style
years ago (at least 4 i think) JBP started organizing an annual night out at christmas time for all our female friends. it was our christmas present to each other. there are some very memorable moments that were born from MCNO... i'm always bummed that i can usually not make them in boston any more.. so this year i decided to take the reindeer by the horns and set up my own MCNO - the CNY version.. it's looking like December 21st would be the best night for everyone. i'm looking way forward to it and will surely take photos for the blog audience.

4. baby shower
this weekend is SFs baby shower. i can't wait! cath and i went shopping yesterday. we'll be taking notes for SBs upcoming showers.