Sunday, December 23, 2007

ryans birthday and SLIs party

cath had a free pizza voucher for trappers, so we went there to eat pizza and celebrate ryans birthday. the boys showed us how not to jump rope. however, they were the only ones that even tried, so i am sure it was as hard as they made it look.

after dinner SLI was having a party. AMC and E were there, we quizzed each other with 80's trivial pursuit questions. as much as i love the 80s i am really not knowledgeable at all about what happened those years. those questions were crazy hard.

i took pictures of the evenings events here..

all night i kept getting texts and picture texts of the Mrs Claus's night out.. here are a couple...

if i could play the VM i had this morning from LK i would. it was priceless. her "on the floor" photos in her photo album made so much more sense having heard the VM. oh, so precious! i think next years Mrs Claus's night out in MA should be earlier in the year so i can attend!!