Tuesday, December 11, 2007


i decided not to go to the gym tonight and give my heel the night off (see previous entry) and boy am i glad i did.. the couple of things i have experienced since 6pm tonight are mind blowing.. and 200% blog worthy..

first one... i walked from my car to the house tonight and took note of the neighbors cat mewing loudly at the neighbors door to be let in. that made me think of the across the street neighbors cat and how we have not seen him since patty left. he was a patty groupie.. when i got inside cath asked me if i had noticed anything... "no, besides the white cat crying at SLs door, no...." she said, "no, way more tragic.." my heart skipped a beat.. wtf... she then proceeded to tell me that the house nearly burnt down. the live, cute little pine tree in the front corner of the house caught on fire this afternoon. and an angel a fireman just happened to be driving by on his way home from work and stopped by and put it out for us. MB said he was about to come into the front of the house from the back room and was looking to the porch and thought "wow, it's foggy out.. wait, are those flames?". it was the fireman with a fire extinguisher putting out the fire was torching the tree. it's a miracle that the porch didn't catch on fire. it must have been faulty christmas lights that sparked the inferno... scary!!

note the snow was shoveled out of the front lawn by the good samaritan firefighter.

in an effort to stay alive this year (and also because we can't find the table top tree) we're going with the following christmas tree. it requires no lights, and no ornaments for the dogs to knock off and break, and no pine needles to vacuum up. the only downside, no "underneath" to put the presents.

the second insane thing is google has rolled out it's street view for most of boston. check out how crazy this is.. click each one for the link... here are all the different apts i lived in in boston in chronological order.

this is where i stayed for about a week while i looked for an apt.. i had one week to find a place cause "crazy" MK was going to lose her s*** if she came back from vacation and i was staying here..

i lived here for at least 3 years with a revolving door of roommates, KG, GH, SB, and at least 3 or more randoms

i lived in the house on the right here for at least 3 years. i lived with JT the whole time, with JBP, TG, J, and SB taking turns in the 3rd bedroom for 6mos at a time. this was a great apt, we had a driveway!

my favorite year + spent in boston was when i lived in this house. things were good then... oh how i miss brighton. note the painting van taking up prime parking real estate on the street. ***amendment*** LK, CR, CS, JK, CR and Matt something were my roommates at this time.. it was a lot..

we lived on the 1st floor here and the bottom two windows were my bedroom windows. i had 3 bedroom windows. made for a very noisy room. i could hear the neighbor to the lefts phone ring in the summer when the windows were open. ***amendment*** this place was just LK and i...ahhhhh, heavenly after having 4 other roommates in brighton... but a lot of the time it was just me as LK was off falling in love during this time.

google maps are the coolest things ever!! google inc is the coolest company ever. i want to work for them!

here are a couple other dewllings of interest that i could find....

jbp's dewlling

kgs dewling (i think)