Monday, December 17, 2007

garage envy..

it's no surprise that we are getting tons of snow lately here in the snowed on and off all day yesterday. so much so that when i braved the treacherous road conditions to run to the P&C for cookie supplies i had to brush my car off a 2nd time in the parking lot, for it had gotten completely covered in the 10 minutes i was inside.

i had little to no problem busting my way out of the driveway yesterday and figured that i would be okay this morning too...

because the snow just kept coming all weekend "we" (read, mike) didn't bother snowblowing this weekend. this morning i was made sadly aware that i would not be able to just barrel out of the driveway per usual.. we had to have a "family shoveling/snowblowing" party at 8am this morning to remove the knee deep snow that had accumulated.

i am scared to own my own place now, if it hadn't been a team effort i would still be shoveling snow out of that driveway... i'll just have to get a place right next door so MB can snowblow my driveway for me before work each morning. :)

i'm definitely not getting a place either unless it has a garage. i'm so envious of the people whose cars are completely snow free in the parking lot. :( someday, that will be me. maybe i'll look for a place with a heated driveway too. that has to be worth the money.. i'll have to keep my eyes peeled for how to do that on HGTV.