Tuesday, December 04, 2007

christmas meme...

i've seen this christmas meme going around and it's made me thing a lot about our traditions. so i'm posting it here so i can elaborate and share. :)

1. Christmas tree up yet?
no, cath is having a hard time locating the fake table top tree. plus we'll have zillions of dogs here for christmas, so a full sized tree is really not an option. plus we don't live in a mansion yo!

2. Any Christmas decorations up yet?
oh yeah, cath has conveniently been off of work the past two days so it looks like christmas came threw up all over the place.

3. What are you asking for Christmas?
a tom tom. so i can get some cool tom tom voices like curt schilling or mr T..

4. What do you usually do on Christmas Eve?
when it was just the 5 of us we used to open 1 present each (usually pajamas) and then pile into the van and drive around fancy neighborhoods looking at lights and declaring house without lights as jewish homes. now that the family has more than doubled we will prob just sit around and have some wine talking about being pregnant and childbirth.

5. What do you usually do on Christmas Day?
sleep in as late as possible, get a good spot in the tv room for opening presents and wait for the breakfast casserole to be done. we used to go to a movie on christmas night after the presents were all opened, but now we just sit around talking about being pregnant and childbirth.

6. Do you own any Christmas clothes or jewelry?
no, i'm pretty sure i have nothing... maybe a pair of socks with christmas lights on them.

7. Do you use white or colored Christmas lights?
i like all one color strings. and lately i am obsessed with the LED lights. i should buy some now so "when" i have my own house i will have lights already.

8. Do you cook Christmas cookies?
no. never i don't think. but this year i am being tasked with making 4 dozen peanut butter cookies with the kisses in the middle for the cookie exchange.. i'm a great direction follower, so i am not too worried.

9. Do you buy Christmas presents for your whole family?
no.. :) we draw names and set a limit. its so much better this way. i usually end up asking for an item that costs the limit, so whilst christmas shopping i usually end up buying lots of things for myself. :) i can't help it.

10. How many friends do you buy presents for?
pretty much noone..

11. Do you believe in Santa Clause?

12. Favorite Christmas songs?
Mele Kalikimaka is my favorite, then feliz navidad. i think i just like them cause they are in different languages. i can't help but think of the new kids on the block christmas album i used to have at this time of year though.

13. Would you rather it be a white Christmas, or a warm Christmas?
oh, white is the only way to go!

14. Was last years Christmas a good one?
sure.. the best Christmas's for me though are ones in which i can go see a movie. i love that tradition.

15. Which Christmas color do you like better?

16. Do you get a real Christmas tree, or is it artificial?
cath has given up on real trees a long time ago, and i cannot remember the last time i lived in a house that put one up. probably 9 or 10 years ago was the last time in medford. it was real i believe.

17. When you get older, will you get a real or artificial tree?
i think i will get a real one. adam carolla talked about this on this mornings show.. about how there is nothing like smelling a christmas tree in your house, and how its also a reminder of wealth. i think when possible i will get a real one. not too big though, i am short.

18. Do you hang stockings?
yes. my sisters and i have handmade felt stockings that our aunt CG made when we were born that we have been using for all our lives now. the stocking stuff is a big favorite part of christmas since that is usually my only surprise.

19. When opening presents, does your family all open them at the same time?
no. we've been taking turns. we open them in rounds until we can't all open a round, then SBH opens her gifts for another half hour.

20. Do you get up early on Christmas day?
not if i can help it. getting up early is a foolish tradition.

21. Does your family eat breakfast before or after opening presents?
after, sometimes during if there are a lot of gifts.

22. Do you have a favorite ornament you hang on the tree?
i don't think so. like i said i haven't had a tree in probably 10 years. but i have been collecting hallmark ornaments in 2-3 series for at least 10 years, so when i do get my own tree i'll have a great base of ornaments.

23. What Christmas movie do you like to watch the most?
probably the one i've watched most consistently over the years is "love actually" or "a christmas story". i just love when the dogs come in and eat all the dinner... with all the animals here at holidays i can see that happening here at some point.

24. What do you like better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
christmas day. i love presents and putting them away/using them.