Thursday, December 20, 2007

say it isn't so...

the adam carolla show is apparently on hiatus this week (scheduled). but AC was "sick" the previous 3 shows.... there is something definitely amiss. he is never sick.. or comes to work when he is sick. i kept hearing DB say that his contract was re-upped for another year and 100K more... ugh.. anyway, i think there might not be any more ACS... :( i hope that danny bonaduce leaves the show cause he ruins it.. i'm crossing my fingers that AC and Teresa will be back without DB on jan 2nd..

there is all sorts of crazy speculation as to what is happening on the internets.. here is a particularly funny post with a bunch of "adam advice". the last one is my favorite i think..

since TACS has not been on for over a week now i've had to otherwise occupy my ears all day.. so i've found a bunch of interesting things:

  • the dave dameshek show podcasts... he used to be a sports guy on TACS in '06
  • dr drew does a mid afternoon show that is podcasted
  • i've been listening to old podcasts of the "sports guy" talking about betting lines with cousin sal...
  • and old podcasts of the LOST producers dancing around story lines
  • i even found this totally random podcast that comes out of dublin, called "the eagle lounge" and "rapid news" it's only updated on mondays though. :(

    what do you listen to? obviously i'm desperate for anything...