Tuesday, December 18, 2007

thursday january 31st, 9pm.

LOST is coming back on the air at the end of january.. i've been scavenging any type of LOST info i can gather lately and have found that the show is taking over Greys space in the thursday night line-up starting in the february book... from the ABC podcasts i've learned they've completed filming the first 8 episodes of season 4. their original plan was to run 16 consecutive episodes per year for the next 3 years (48 episodes left) resulting in the end of the show. i'm wondering how the strike is going to impact this plan. my thinking is we will get a split season again.. not the 16 shows in a row. :( damn writers strike! give them their cut already!

last night MB and i saw a preview of The Kite Runner. it's been some time since i read the book, but from what i remember it was very true to the book. such a sad story.. i think i cried for 3/4ths of the movie. :) at least until the homeless man came in with about a half hour of the movie left and sit right next to me.. he was very loud and kept talking when he took off his coat, asked if one of the two seats next to me was occupied... ugh. he made me so mad.. the labored breathing was enough to annoy me, but then the smell started wafting towards me when he took off his coat. it smelled like he had vomited milk or cheese into his pants and then just sat in it for a couple weeks. then the coughing started.. he sounded like he had black lung.. i kept expecting after one of his coughing fits to hear wet mucous-y flem hit the floor in front of us. he also felt it necessary to comment out LOUD about what was happening in the movie.. and reading some of the subtitles out LOUD... ugh...i had a hard time really paying attention to the rest of the movie for the smell, the coughing and the out loud comments. it really soured the ending for me. ugh. but if you go see it, more than likely you will not encounter such a vile person and will probably love the depressing story! merry christmas!