Wednesday, December 26, 2007

holy christmas batman!!

well, the holidays have come and gone.. it's almost time to get back to normalcy..

i got so many nice things this year for christmas! the most exciting though, was my tomtom! i never put two and two together and realized that the logo is indicative of a tomtom, the drum, duh... i think because their radio ads talk about tomtom not jeffjeff, etc that i always associated it with a name and not the musical instrument.

looking at their logo now i don't see how i could have missed that.

i downloaded some "celebrity" voices for it.. i have yoda and darth vader.. yoda is probably the closest.. the darth vader voice is obviously done by a british or irish person, there is hint of an accent in there.. then i got ozzy and sharon osborne.. neither one is really good, but it's funny to hear them swear at you to "take the F**ng motorway". :) apparently for a limited time after the world series curt schillings voice was free, but i missed it.. :(

this morning i went to another acupuncturist for my heel pain.. he was this tiny little asian man. he talked a lot in a very hard to decipher asian accent. i think she told me that acupuncture should work for me, and 80% of the people with the same or similar problems have had success in pain relief, or been cured. he said it should take around 3 sessions, but no more than 6. if it isn't working after 6 sessions then it won't work. he put about 5-7 needles in my foot/ankle and put a heat lamp on it and also hooked up a machine that ran some electrical currents through the needles. i've never had the electric currents before.. it kind of pulsed. at first i didn't really feel any major pain relief, i walked on it a little out to the car and didn't notice too much pain, but i think that is pretty typical of the problem at that time of day.. the real test will be if i have significant pain tomorrow morning.. that is when it's always the worst..

oh, another thing he said was that there is poor circulation to the heel (not sure if that was specific to just me, or to heels in general) so i'm guessing that i'll have to go at least 3 times...

the town i go to to have this done is called Clifton Springs.. it's really cute. there are some gorgeous houses on the drive there in the town of Phelps that are made of cobblestones it looks like. this one house is all cobblestones, and so is the barn and the horse stable.. so cool...