Tuesday, December 11, 2007

woo who

i got a gift today. a furry little dog that barks a christmas carol. i can't wait to see how the animals react to it at christmas time, i bet the murph-man can destroy it in under 10 minutes... i hope my SS person has been getting my gifts, i've not yet delivered one to their desk... so i just have to assume they received them. :)

my heel is killing me today.. like, i am considering amputation typed pain.. i've had this affliction for a long time now.. LOOONG time. i can remember waking up and immediately putting on my slip on sneakers in somerville to lessen the pain back when i was living with LK.. i really started paying attention to the pain in february of this year when MK and i were marathon walking around england for nearly a week. i attributed the pain then to all the walking i wasn't used to.. since then i have been living with a constant dull pain in the morning when i stumble down the hallway to my shower. generally by the time i am done with my shower the pain is a background, ignorable ache. at the end of the day right before bed the pain starts to creep back in. and that's been my every day for probably years now. recently KWs mom talked about how she had just had a cortisone shot to her heel. she has the same pain that i do. it's called "Plantar Fasciitis".. she exclaimed how she would rather give birth again than have another cortisone shot... :(

i think i need to visit the acupuncture gods again... this will be a good test.