Monday, December 10, 2007

birthdays abound!!

the next couple of weeks i know 7 people with birthdays.. march is quite the popular time for baby making!!

speaking of baby making this weekend cath and i went to SFs baby shower. it was a good time, like all the other times i've driven out to their massive home. cath and i took a lot of mental notes on how the proceedings were set up and the games we played, etc. cath even walked away with the game sheet leftovers. :)

to protect the identity of the innocent, i've altered this photo.. she didn't want her pic on the blog, and i think this sufficiently obscures it..

worst gifts ever.. adam carolla had a great segment today about the worst gifts ever where he goes on and on about receiving some crappy tools and how he has to hold his face with two hands into a smile and say thank you through gritted teeth. it made me laugh so hard i was crying at work. i've definitely felt like that before. of course danny stepped all over adam the whole segment. i feel like lately adam has been more short than usual with danny and more apt to make blatant fun of him. that gives me hope that danny's contract won't be renewed at the end of this year. that would be a GREAT christmas present from the radio gods.

today was the first day of secret santa here at work. :( i got nothing. i wonder if noone drew my name...