Monday, November 19, 2007

aaaaahhhh the comforts of my new old bed...

because of EHs "gimmees" the bed in my room has been swapped out with my own bed from the shed. i'm glad to have it back where i know what's happening to it and my box springs. there is a faint odor of gasoline emanating from the mattress, but i woke up this morning, so apparently it wasn't enough to kill me. as i stretched the blue t-shirt sheets over the mattress pad (twice, cause i can never tell which way is right with those darned sheets) i cursed them and swore to buy a new cotton set as soon as my wallet allows. however... i woke up from sweet dreams (of fred armisen, strangely) feeling 180 degrees different towards these sheets. they felt like the softest suede against my bare legs last night. i forgot that i loved them so...i won't be replacing those sheets anytime soon.

while at my last trip to wegmans i happened upon Pete's Tofu2Go. i know most people are immediately turned off by the word tofu, but this tofu is something like i've never tasted. these delectable little triangles of flavored tofu have the consistency of quiche, and i believe the "Thai Tango" flavor i bought had little bits of onions inside it.. so darned delicious. i will be back to wegmans for these no doubt.