Sunday, November 25, 2007


i am back from my thanksgiving vacation in the southern tier. it was so nice to have the house to myself yesterday. i got all kinds of stuff done, laundry, dishes, sorting through my paperwork, balancing my checkbook, catching up on my netflix dvds and watching my dvr'd shows.

speaking of shows, i saw the season premiere of October Road. god i love that show, it's kinda corny, but i'm so glad it's back on.

when i went to bed last night it seems the gasoline fumes have soaked into my bedding... i was so tired i didn't care... but now i am wondering if it isn't hazardous to my health. i'm going to ask google...

ruh row, this is what i found...

You inhale benzene every time you fill up at the pump -- that is why most gas or petrol stations now put "hoods" over nozzles, to capture or redirect the vapor. And yes, benzene is very destructive to cells in living organisms, and it is both toxic in the short term and potentially cancer-causing in the long term. Fortunately most people don't get enough of it in their bodies in a lifetime to be very dangerous, but mechanics and forecourt workers which are chronically exposed to it can develop a number of health effects from it.

and this...
Breathing gasoline fumes is dangerous also. Exposure to vapor concentrations can cause respiratory irritation, headache, dizziness, nausea and loss of coordination. Higher concentrations may cause loss of consciousness, cardiac sensitization, coma and death resulting from respiratory failure.

hmmm.. maybe i should wear a hospital mask to bed till all the gas fumes escape from my bed..