Friday, November 16, 2007

christmas has come early!!

over a month ago i was alerted that m.doughty was going on tour and stopping in boston. i am on his mailing list and religiously read his blog, so i've been all too aware that he's going to boston. the day tickets went on sale i had 2 browser windows open refreshing like a crazy person in order to secure myself some tickets. before i even had a chance to buy the tix, they were sold out. how could a show of a guy that not one person i've mentioned this to has heard of be sold out that fast? well. it turns out there was a computer glitch and a lot of people didn't get tix. they released more later on that i was also shut out from buying. i took it as a sign that i wasn't supposed to go..

then yesterday someone from the venue emailed me directly and said the band was releasing some of the tickets they had reserved and i could purchase 2 if i was still inclined.

i had to do a little juggling (that is a lie...thanks to my all but non-existent social life here in the 'cuse there was no juggling needed), but was able to commit to going there, spur of the moment tomorrow.. securing a guest to go to the show with me proved much harder for a couple of reasons. 1. the aforementioned problem that noone has ever heard of mike doughty, and 2. most people have lives and plan things more than 12 hours in advance, especially weekends. but much to my delight, i have met my spontaneous equivalent in KW. she agreed to drive out with me without knowing who the show is, to a city where she's only been once, trusting that i can find us a place to stay. she's my hero.. i love people that can just go with the flow!

and i wonder if the powers that be that control the weather read my blog... this morning i woke up to wet heavy snow all over the place. good thing i got the snow tires, and even better that my dad unknowingly bought and installed my new windshield wiper. i'm the luckiest girl alive.

to make this day even better i found out Papa Gallo is opening tonight.

click here for my review and the menu.

life is good.