Friday, November 23, 2007

black friday - EH style.

if you know me, you know that shopping is not high on my priority list. so about 4 years ago i was talked into going to "the sales" with EH.. going to the sales involves waking up in the 4s and throwing my hair in a pony tail and getting in the car.

last night before all 33 t-giving guests arrived we looked through all the flyers for the next morning. seeing as we are in the sticks there are really not many stores to go to early... so that makes it even more impt to get there early and get a spot. the stores on our list were wal-mart, k-mart and staples.

wal-mart was first on our list cause they opened at 5. EH picked us up at 430 promptly. we drove the half a mile down to the store and i thought we were pulling into a concert at great woods... the parking lot was full and we had to park next door in the parking lot closest to old navy. the line that awaited us was just absurd.

when they opened their doors people literally were sprinting the length of the parking lot towards the masses squeezing into the doors. i'd say a 3rd of the people grabbed carts which totally bottlenecked everyone getting into the place. we had a map of the store somehow and knew where we needed to run to. i was behind mike (making a bee-line for the back of the store) and he almost was smashed by at least 2 carts running full speed through the aisles. we grabbed our items and headed to the checkouts.. we were done with wal-mart at 515.

this was basically the scene at each of the stores we went to.

so the environment really brings out the best in EH.. compound that with alternating exhaustion and the adrenaline of it all and it makes for some pretty hysterical moments. here are some of the highlights...

  • dunkin donuts was closed when EH went through so we had to go to burger king. we pull up to the menu and EH orders a bkJoe, which is the name for their coffee. the woman on the other end of the speaker lets her know she's ordering an iced coffee. the BK woman was promptly barked at and corrected.

  • cath has trouble getting in and out of RHs mammoth chevy.. and that just doesn't fly with EH. we arrived at kmart and cath was taking so long i heard EH tell her she's "too slow, lock up" then i heard the keys hit the icy pavement.

  • at staples she accused the people in front of her in line of not paying attention and the woman promptly swivelled around and asked "excuse me?" cath said they got the evil eye the rest of their time in line.

  • my purse was on the dashboard of the truck while we ate my hash brown tater tots from BK. EH demands that i remove the purse.. i say, "it's fine". so she slams on the brakes. i went flying into the windshield. as you can imagine this was met by hysterics from EH.

    after our exhausting day of shopping we had a little breakfast at perkins. :)

    here are pics from the weekend so far.