Thursday, November 08, 2007

things are looking up!!

before i get to that...

<what's going on in fayetteville>

the mexican restaurant is coming along very nicely. there are all sorts of wall decorations, even outside... aztec looking suns and i think i saw a whole head on the wall in there.. earlier this week i saw bench/booth seats going in. there is even a structure that will end up being the roadside sign in place!! my mouth is watering.
</what's going on in fayetteville>
today was my court appearance for the cell phone ticket. cath met me at the courthouse. we pushed and shoved our way towards the front of the mob that was queuing to sign the register knowing that last time we were in court for this ticket we didn't get to see the judge till after 8pm. to our delight the baliff called a bunch of names of people that were to see the DA and we were called! this fast tracked our appearance.. we waited in the hallway for the DA to call us and when she did, she quickly and politely DISMISSED my ticket because i was a first time offender and i had a copy of my clean driving record. after the great news from the DA i had to wait back in the courtroom for the judge to sentence me and give me my fine. because it was dismissed i didn't have to pay a thing! so great!! the DA was so nice, and the judge was too.

i have been nibbling on this pomegranate all night now and i feel like i am maybe halfway through. i wonder if i can put it away and eat more of it tomorrow.

here is a shot of the table and the trivia lady and bar from last nights trivia.