Saturday, November 03, 2007

nightmare before christmas 3-D

in continuing with my friday night movie series i saw "the nightmare before christmas 3-D" last night. it was still cute they gave us these 3-d glasses to where and they weren't your cheapo red and blue paper glasses, they looked like slightly tinted black rimmed geek glasses. in the beginning of the film there were quite a few 3-d elements, but the whole of the movie had very little 3-d ness. it was a little disappointing. and movies are up to $12 now? when did that happen? jeez. maybe it was just that one to cover the glasses... whoa.

there were some punk kids that were shouting out all the text that was on the screen (like, "please put on your glasses now") i'm glad they left almost as soon as the movie started to sneak into another film i would presume.

i have a lot of errands/organizing/laundry to do today. i can't wait to write myself a list so i can cross things off as i go.