Saturday, November 10, 2007

it has a name!

cath and i took p-head for a walk after dinner and walked right up to the new restaurant. i got some blurry photos, but we did see the name of the place! its going to be called papa gallos.

the roommates and i went to The Mission today to use my gift certificates. good thing we showed up right when they opened because we didn't have a reservation and seeing as its such a small space they get full fast. the hostess let us have a booth but only for 1.5 hours, then she needed it for a reservation. cath and i asked to share the carafe of sangria straight away, and when she brought it back we asked her if we would be able to use both gift certificates at the meal... no, we couldn't, they don't take gift certs on fridays and saturdays. we thought about leaving. :) we got chips with the table and decided to spring for the guacamole and salsa sampler. the pico de gallo was great, and a little on the spicy side. the guacamole was good, but could have used more salt and garlic. the tomatilla salsa was pretty good. the sweet potato salsa was the spiciest of all.

we ordered our meals, me, cheese enchiladas, cath a quesadilla, and mike steak enchiladas. mike and cath got their meals a good 10 minutes before i got mine. they must have dropped mine or something. ugh.. i was kind of full already from the sangria and the chips we housed while waiting for the meals..

i have to say the meal was nothing spectacular. my favorite mexican dish is the enchilada and i had a choice of chicken, steak or cheese. i wish there was something more creative and vegetarian in there.. spinach, etc.

i will go again however, since i have 2 gift certificates still.. the space was cool, it's in an old church.

check out the pics i took at the mission, my lunch from friday, and the new restaurant..