Thursday, November 01, 2007

halloween continued

yesterday was a contest at work and trivia.. i took 2nd place at work, and as a whole team, we won 1st at trivia..

here are photos of work/trivia...

here is the video of me at work in my costume. thanks SLI.

i have one more halloween function to attend. i might go as wendy though. marge's hair keeps flaking off..

i took p-head for a walk tonight and it was so bitter cold out. my hands froze off and my lungs turned to ice. :(

today was flu shot day at work. TL, our old neighbor across the street from us in manlius gave me the shot. i was highly surprised to see that she is a nurse.

everytime my calendar reminder popped up telling me that it was flu shot day, i couldn't help think, "it's nudey magazine day!". every single time. i think i need more sleep.