Friday, November 09, 2007

the darjeeling limited.

so i had a blind date tonight with someone i met on eharmony. i had seen a picture, so does that still count as "blind"? either way it was a date with a total stranger. we saw The Darjeeling Limited. i liked it a lot, it was a weird movie with lots of stars... i think the same guy that made it made the royal tennenbaums, so if you've seen that movie, you get the idea about what kind of "weird" it was.

i must say i was a little nervous. i usually don't "feel" nervous for things like dates and interviews. asking for things though, totally nervous, making phone calls to people i haven't spoken to in a long time, or people outside of the handful of people i talk to regularly, totally nervous.

we met at the mall. i had misread the movie time so lucky for us i am chronically early. he paid for our tickets, check plus. i offered, but he insisted. i secretly like when the guy pays (well, not so secretly since it's here on my blog). don't get me wrong, i am always prepared, but it's nice when they pay.. we didn't have a lot of time to chat as we were kind of late, and he's not got a lot to say, check minus. there were a couple of random sex scenes that i wish i had known were coming. i don't have a problem in general with sex scenes, but on a date with a stranger, i'd prefer not to be surprised by these kinds of things. i'd also not enjoy the movie to be sad to the point that it makes me cry. thankfully this movie contained no sad parts. but check minus for the unexpected sex scenes.

i find that people either fall in the "comfortable silence" category, or the "uncomfortable silence" category. he fell in the latter. check minus. he does have a cool accent, check plus plus. we got dinner at ruby tuesdays after the movie, i was surprised there was a wait at 930. i didn't take a photo of my meal in case you were curious. but i did have their "mini" burgers.. a little raw inside, good thing i like rare meat.

because he didn't have a lot to say and made little attempts to keep the conversation going i felt compelled to ask him millions of questions. i don't really think i touched on any one subject that he was passionate about. check minus.

i feel the check minuses stacking up. he did drive over an hour each way to meet me. that deserves a check plus.

maybe i am too critical. actually, the checks balance themselves out. the jury is still out on whether or not i would go out with him again.