Tuesday, November 06, 2007

nudey magazine day election day.

today was election day. most of the recent stress i am having at work will be gone by tomorrow, making room for the bigger more drawn out stress to move in. :)

cath and i took patty over to vote after dinner. she was not old enough to cast her votes. maybe next year. she'll have to reregister in PA though.

i have been so busy lately that i have a list of things i need to do in my personal life that i have been neglecting.. one of which was locate the paper i received back in july stating when my next court appearance was in the event the DA didn't get back to me in time. i never found the paper, but i did call the court and i need to appear again thursday at 5. :( it's for my cell phone ticket...if i don't appear i could have my license suppended. adn then if i drive and get pulled over i could go to jail just like paris.

i think its time i start wearing my coat to work. there was little to no "in between" time i don't feel like. it was nice weather, now its winter.

i've located some winter tires to buy on CL.. woo who!! when the deal is final i'll report further.

i bought a pomogranate at the grocery store the other day. it was too expensive not to eat. but i really don't know how to eat one. is it too messy to bring to work? who eats pomogranates, and how?