Monday, November 26, 2007

things that make me smile.

as i drove home from work today i saw that the town has started decorating for the holidays.. i saw a couple of things that made me smile, then i started thinking of other festive happy things and came up with this quick list.

  1. i like the white christmas bulbs on outdoor trees that have a blue hue to them. they remind me of those headlights that are crazy blinding blue. an example of these bulbs can be seen on the trees on the corner of the fayetteville town center near the gazebo.

  2. i like the way the business park down the street from where i work lazily decorates the trunk and the first couple of bows on the trees. it makes the trees look like little tornados, and tornados make me smile.

  3. i heard the original of a song that i have come to love from a remake in the movie "love actually". it reminded me that i love that movie, and i need to add it to my queue, or maybe just buy it.

  4. in trying to remember the name of "love actually" i thought of the movie "the holiday". which is another movie i love.

of course with the good comes the bad. :) today at lunch i went into the freezer in the kitchen and found not one empty ice trays but FOUR empty ice trays. what the F!!!! i can kind of understand one tray. but four?!! i wanted to set up a camera so i knew who to punch in the face... at the end of the day someone tipped me off as to who it most likely was. and trust me, the ice cubes are just fuel added to the fire. :(

this friday is my company holiday party. i am looking forward to it this year as i know more people and might actually have someone to talk to this time. it's also on a friday which is good, cause i will have the privacy of my own bathroom to get sick in the next day. ;) lol. j/k, i'm not doing that again! i took some great pictures last year at the bar afterwards.. it's fun to hang out with coworkers outside of work, you get to see all kinds of different sides of people, and i think it makes working with them easier... needless to say, i have high hopes for this years party.