Monday, January 14, 2008

britney watch.

in case you were unaware... today britney was supposed to show up to a hearing to find out if her supervised custody was going to be reinstated..

well, she showed up hours late and didn't really go into court it didn't look like... but the news outlets on the west coast had cameras on her like leaving like she was OJ.. we had an in house stream of the helicopter that was trailing her.. i watched her leave the courthouse, drive to a church, get back in the car, and then drive to a mall where apparently she went to lunch.

it was exciting to be able to watch, on one of our in house tvs, the trainwreck in progress, and i was impressed with the HD video quality and steadiness of the camera...but it was also sad that 1. she is *mobbed* at all times. it was unreal to watch the cars follow her all that way, and then park perpendicular to the two lane street in front of the church, abandon their cars and run after her and surround the church... and 2. its sad that it's so many peoples occupations to follow britney around at all times.

i almost feel for her like chris crocker.. leave britney alone!