Saturday, January 12, 2008

days like today....

it's days and big games like today that make me miss the excitement of boston. i can just imagine wandering through the aisles of the grocery store looking for football party appetizer ingredients. then off to the packie to get some amstel light. i'm sure you can't escape the football/brady talk and sea of patriots shirts, hats and jerseys everywhere you turn. i imagine the jittery excitement is thick in the air.

i was never a huge football follower, there are too many penalties that i just can't be bothered to learn them all. but i love gatherings. and boston has no shortage of sports related reasons to gather with friends, share some drinks, some food and the excitement.

i think it's because there aren't any professional teams in town that people don't seem to be as passionate sports followers as most of the fans in NE. or maybe it's because the NE area teams are all on hot streaks right now.. either way, i feel like my sports cheering capacity is not being tapped. :( i haven't even heard of anyone having a superbowl party yet...

in looking for this photo... i can't believe that i had to go all the way back to oct of 2003... i had gone to denver for the broncos/patriots game that year. the patriots won of course, and the denver fans couldn't have been nicer.

i sit here watching the game with cath and i long to be in boston. :(