Wednesday, January 30, 2008

so much to do!

when it rains it pours at work.. but then sometimes there is not a cloud in the sky! in case you are wondering, it's a monsoon right now.. i am busy enough for 4 people, because sweeps starts tomorrow...every year february is a "sweeps" month. i've not yet gotten used to "not" scheduling my vacations during this time. it's highly frowned upon.. i like to go away for my birthday, or otherwise party it up.. hmm, not going to fly next year, i've already been warned. :(

the roommates and i are going to CLs superbowl party. cath is resisting like crazy, but CL tells her, it's not about the football, it's about matching the decor to the colors of the teams. :) i have a feeling i will be the only one in a Pats shirt. we are making football shaped cocoa rice crispies. i bought a square at work too.. i hope that it pays me.. it's 8 pats, 6 giants. the superbowl is all about the gambling.

saturday KW and i are going to a Brew Fest here at the fairgrounds. everytime i think about a brew festival i can't forget the time i went with LK and SB and her rock-a-billy friend and SB and her friend almost got in a fight with the patrons of deluxe.. it was snowing, we were all drunk.. it was a hell of a time!!

if this picture doesn't just capture the moment, i don't know what does. it was taken at the beginning of my friendship with LK. in 2004 about 13 days before her 27th birthday..

that year SB and i joined LK and her family for karaoke at a bar in abington..

we drank scorpion bowls and SB got friendly with LKs cousin later on. ;)

later that weekend when we all went downtown and LK left her license in a packie in quincy.. she was at least an hour later than us. SB and i sat with two relative strangers, AR and RB waiting... looking back, we looked like hookers. who thought it was okay for us to go into public like this? i am surprised LKs friends even talked to us. :)

oh, that was only the first of many great memories of LKs birthday! i'm sad i couldn't be a part of this years celebrations!

but happy birthday LK!

because there are so many great times had at all of LKs birthday celebrations over the years, here is a little compilation album of LK b-day photos..