Tuesday, January 08, 2008

woo who! another cap!

i had my semi-annual 15 minute dentist appointment and i need a cap. :( i have this tooth that is almost all filling. and somewhere along the line either my tooth is eroding more, or my filling is crumbling out. in any case it catches my tongue and the hygienist caught it and brought it to the good doctors attention. he showed it to me in the little mirror and it does not look good. he's requesting a cap from my insurance and we should know in 3 weeks if they will pay for it. yay! another cap. maybe i should just get dentures now.

here at work there is a guy who went on vacation for about a week. while he was gone his coworkers felt it necessary to wrap all his cube (and all its contents) in wrapping paper. it was pretty hysterical. i heard they had 4 cameras on him for his reaction. i hope that makes its way to youtube, i'll let you know if i can get a copy of it.

here are the rest of the pictures.