Sunday, January 20, 2008


i saw cloverfield this weekend. stop reading if you intend on seeing the movie, and don't want to hear my opinions and possible spoilers..

lucky for me the movie was short. it is filmed Blair Witch style, the whole movie is from the perspective of a hand held camera. it made me unbelievably motion sick. i think i had to close my eyes for a good third of the movie so that i wouldn't throw up in a packed theater.

because the genre for this film is of the monster movie variety, i am willing to suspend reality and accept that there is such a thing as a monster.. i am not however willing to blindly accept things that i figure would not happen... these are some of the things i am not willing to accept..

  1. the camcorder this was purportedly shot on had a battery that didn't completely die after filming for about an hour and a half, with a light sometimes, nightvision, and even one or two instances of playback. i want to know what kind of camera that was, cause i'm getting one.
  2. they are in NYC. what seems like an earthquake happens.. they are at a party and turn on the TV.. there is already a news anchor sitting at a desk with an update of what is happening.. uhm.. that is highly unlikely i think.. from the time they feel the earthquake to the time they turn on the news it seems to be under 2 minutes, and someone already knows what is happening? doubtful..
  3. everyone eventually runs outside. much like in "war of the worlds" i find it hard to believe that when you see something like the statue of liberty's head laying in the street you wouldn't be afraid and get the eff out of there..... the characters all stand around waiting for worse fates to descend upon them.
  4. a group of party goers decide to go back up to midtown where they are going to stage a rescue.. they are almost eaten by the monster, so they decide to go underground... with all the people in manhattan (almost 2 million according to wikipedia) they are the only people down in the subways.... i thought there were people that actually lived in the tunnels of the subways.. is that just an old wives tale?
  5. the girl that everyone is trying to rescue is impaled in her apt on a piece of rebar.. for a minute we think that she is dead. it has been more than a half an hour that she has been bleeding out... then her eyes open up. the group decides to lift her off the rebar.. within minutes she is running around and has full use of her arm as if she had been napping while the monster ravished the city... highly unbelievable..

another thing that bothered me slightly about this movie was one of the actresses. "beth" was played by a girl from October Road. i hate her on Oct Road.. :(

i think that this was just not my kind of movie. it was produced by JJ Abrams who does LOST, it was not psychologically scary, but it was startling at many points.. it probably would have been more scary to me if i had my eyes open the whole time...