Sunday, January 13, 2008

kitty hat...

i don't think i've really mentioned the kitty hat since it's been such nice weather lately, but LK brought me a gift last weekend and i looooove it.. she asked xtina to knit me a hat similar to her halloween outfit hat.. it's got fuzzy white yarn and the traditional red bow, and of course kitty ears. it's so awesome i can't wait for the snow to come tomorrow! :)

if you notice in the picture, i have straight hair.. inspired by SHs straightening of my hair over NYE, i bought a straightener at target today and put it to the test. i had washed my hair this morning, put mousse in it, let it dry (and curl) and then hit it with the straightener. holy moly i was shocked and amazed at how straight it became after a few passes with the flat iron. it couldn't have taken me any more than 20 minutes to go from totally curly to straight. i'm very happy with the straightener and look forward to exploring many straight hair styles.