Thursday, January 17, 2008

can listening to podcasts make you drunk?

i love bill simmons, the sports guy.. and i love adam carolla. so when he is on adams show it's like christmas for me.. i know it's going to be a good day when i hear that simmons will be on..

so i have had to start and stop listening to a bunch of the AC show today because of meetings and such.. but i keep re-listening to the bill simmons and the AC show segment where they are breaking down/making fun of american idol.. there is a part of it where theresa plays a clip of one of the contestants singing something about "being a brother, and best friend.." adam goes off on a rant about how that guy must live in a an apartment and how his neighbors must hate him.. omg, i was doing everything i could not to spit out my water, and laugh uncontrollably here at my computer. i bet MK and NB think that i am crazy. i am eating an apple at the same time and i must be leaking out snorts and breathy laughs. oooooh headphones... i love them!

in case you want to see for yourself that i am crazy, you can listen for yourself with these two clips.
American Idol with Bill Simmons part 1

American Idol with Bill Simmons part 2

omg. all the bill simmons clips are priceless. i am still laughing at all these clips. i seriously feel euphoric right now... maybe my apple was spiked with something...

speaking of euphoric feelings.. tonight is the 2nd episode of dr drew: celebrity rehab.. i will be watching that with bated breath. that has to be one of the better shows on tv right now... i urge all of you to watch tonight at 10 tonight.. it's worth being tired tomorrow...