Wednesday, January 16, 2008

mad money....

last night a bunch of us went to see mad money. i didn't have high hopes for this film as i don't really care anything about anyone in the movie. the movie was not horrible.. i was surprised. i even laughed at some points. i had forgotten that ted danson was in the movie, it was kind of startling to see that he has gone completely white on top. SF did not go in to labor during the movie, in case you are wondering.. one of the funnier moments was immediately as the movie was ending i overhear PF saying something along the lines of "stealing money is not funny". :)

tonight is chicago. i was reminded this morning to be sure to put batteries in the binocular camera so i can take photos.. so i intend to have some photos for you all tomorrow.

i rejoined WW as a supplemental attempt to win the work weight loss challenge.. last i heard 28 people were involved, so with the GM matching, that is about $560 dollars. that is a lot of cash. the leader at the meeting i attended is not the best leader i've ever had, i feel like she is a little bit out of touch with reality.. she is a retired state trooper i think she said, she must be in her mid 60s and this weeks "episode" was about moving more. she warned everyone about walking in secluded areas.. then she went on to say that if you were walking a dog though, you'd be fine because the "people that want to hurt you are afraid of dogs". really?! every rapist/mugger is afraid of dogs? i find it hard to believe that lucy or franklin would deter a would be mugger... i need to get myself a chihuahua.. that ridiculous statement kind of soiled her credibility in my opinion.. but i was thinking about how crappy she was and how it doesn't even matter i don't think.. i finally feel a sense of motivation lately, a feeling i haven't had since the late 90s.. it might be the money, but i hear i have some pretty steep competition here at work.. i think it's just "time". :)