Wednesday, January 09, 2008

what's happening, hotstuff?

<what's going on in fayetteville>
it's been a while since i made a update about my little slice of life. mainly because of the holidays, but also because not much is going on. but the main reason for this update is the fortino florist seems to have patched up their roof. yay!!! they didn't replace the roof - like a normal person would, they just patched the hole. i am noticing that the back of the roof now is looking a little fuzzy. maybe they will tarp it, then let a whole bunch of rain/snow pour in.

another thing i've noticed is the sign for "the hornets nest" fell off the building and they have failed to replace it. it makes me wonder if the bar is closing down.
</what's going on in fayetteville>

tonight my roommates and i (and KW and hopefully someone of her roommates) are going to make a return to trivia!! wooot! it's been since november or early december i think since we went last. i am excited. i hope we are not rusty.