Wednesday, January 02, 2008

so much to write....

wow. i haven't written in 5 days and i have so much to write.... this will have to be a highlight post..

the roommates and i went to PA for the NYE holiday. there were 12 of us total at E&Rs house. it was a lot of people, but they have a lot of space, so it didn't seem too crowded.

we went to the eagles/bills game sunday and it wasn't as horrific for bills fans as i imagined it could be. there were definitely some people booing R&Jr in their Bills jerseys, and they did get some eggs thrown at them and some beer cans. but that was the exception as far as i saw, and it was as we were parading around the parking lot looking for the bills gathering.. all the bills fans we came in contact with were super nice. the little rally they had all staged in parking lot D was kind of crazy. it's very amazing to me the preparation and effort people put into tail gating.. i took a bunch of pictures in the photo album below.

speaking of photos, as i was going through them i noticed a striking resemblance of EH to Cath.. they have the same "mean face"

the boys all bought their tickets ahead of time, but EH and I waited till the 1st quarter to buy our seats. we ended up talking the scalper down to $30 a piece for a pair of $90 tickets. :) i was really hoping we could get them 2 for $30, but we got a little nervous that we weren't going to get them at all, so we paid $30. the seats were great too. 10 yard line, about 30-40 rows from the field and underneath an overhang, so when it started to rain it didn't get us!

we played cranium turbo this weekend, it's a much more thought out version of cranium.. the original version that i have is a little bit ambigous about what to do on "craniums" and all plays.. but this new version has 2 sets of cards.. it's great, and new activities, one of which is "mind meld" - your team must write down 3 items that remind you of a topic and then you get the question right if 2 of you have matched at least 1 item.. it was very funny to watch S&JH and mike and cath (one team) get the topic 80's bands, and have 12 different answers. cath's answers of The Beatles and ABBA were my favorites. :)

maybe it's just today, but it is remarkably colder here in NY than it was in PA. i spent a good 10 minutes chipping ice off the windshield of my car this morning. :( in PA it was sunny and warm enough that i didn't have to take a shower before bed each night.

as i assembled and titled the photo album last night i watched a few more episodes of Extras.. has anyone else ever watched that show? it's a BBC production on HBO. the premise is Ricky Gervaise's character is an actor that does work as an extra, or background artist as they prefer to be called. each episode finds him on a set of a different movie. there are famous actors in each episode. the first one has kate winslet, there has been ian mcclennan, orlando bloom, daniel radcliffe, samuel jackson, ben stiller and others. ricky gervaise is really really really funny. i have tried to watch the british version of the office, but i just don't like it as much as the american version. but he really is a comic genious. this series has earned him respect in my mind. the series ended last month with its 13th episode, but i am sure he is working on something else, and i hope HBO picks it up again.

i've been patiently waiting since before thanksgiving for the movie Juno to come out around here. it is STILL not out yet! wtf!!! i look every week for that show and it's never playing anywhere around here. god!!! it better come out this weekend.. and then i hope that my visitors will want to go see it. :)

here are the random december photos i have collected..