Monday, January 28, 2008

i saw the baby!!

on one hand i can't believe how teeny tiny the baby is... she is about as small as those toys we had as kids called glo-worms. but on the other hand it's a little scary that less than 3 days ago that baby was in SFs vag... wow.. babies!!

everyone would be so proud, i held the baby.. she was so light i could hold her with one arm.. :)

she was very good and didn't make any sort of peep while we were there. i didn't even see her open her eyes.

PF said he was trying to put in a link to their photo album in the comments, but you know how computer illiterate he is. ;)

C&LB were there too, with Maddy. i hadn't seen her since august i don't think.. she was delightful, especially when she took CBs blackberry and would hold it to her ear.

she's getting so big!