Monday, January 21, 2008

camera binoculars are good in theory...

but when you can't retrieve the photos from them they are pretty useless.. so sorry to disappoint you, but no Chicago photos, sorry.

i've recently come to realize that my vacation to cancun is a little over 2 weeks away.. this is sooo exciting.. i've never been to mexico.. i wonder if i will be able to recharge my laptop battery if i bring it.. and if my hair straightener will be able to be plugged in.. and if my cellphone will work... has anyone that has been to mexico before know if those things work?

SHs shower went off with only a minor hitch. the neighbor and her daughter were invited and at 15 minutes after the party started we see the daughter sanding or painting what looked like trim in her driveway in sweats and painting clothes.. we assumed that they decided not to come and all had a laugh about it.. well. as soon as we were done opening presents and were about to serve cheesecake they walked in apologizing up and down. apparently they though it was sunday. :) funny..

when i get back from mexico it will almost be my birthday!! this year is flying by!!

here are the photos from the shower.