Sunday, January 06, 2008

game night

this weekend was fun. a couple of my boston friends came to visit me. they didn't leave late and stop for a 5 course meal this time, so they arrived in the early evening. i had just enough time after work to fine tune caths spotless cleaning job. since noone had eaten yet, we went to the Dinosaur. delicious as always.

we went and saw Juno with KW saturday afternoon... it was cute.. there were some parts that agitated me a little mainly the "teen speak". but on the whole i liked it. afterwards LK and HEKD shopped like they've never been to a mall before. :)

game night was fun. we played KWs game Cranium Pop 5. it was a different take on the traditional game. after my team lost our first game, we decided to play 90s trivial pursuit and take revenge. when the game went on till after midnight we decided to do a sudden death elimination next team to get a yellow question right wins. we won. :) thanks everyone for coming. it was a blast!

my photos from the evening are here.

a little while ago i mentioned that i started listening to a podcast out of ireland... well they had talked about how they don't have any fans or listeners, so i wrote to them and let them know that i listen. :) they read my email on their latest podcast and talked about/to me for a while. :) it was cool.

if you want to listen, it's here..